1) Navigate to alphainsider.com.


2) Sign into your account and click on "Portfolio".


3) From the Portfolio page, click the "New Strategy" button.


4) Enter the strategy's name and description.


5) Enter the strategy's starting balance, type and user access.

Strategy Types:
  • Exchange: Normal buy and sell assets without leverage.
  • Margin: Long and short assets with up to 2x leverage.

Strategy User Access:

  • Public: Anyone can search and view your strategy as well as see open orders, positions and previous trades.
  • Private: Only you can view your strategy. Useful for testing bots and trading strategies.
  • Paid: Anyone can search your strategy and view performance but do not have access to open orders, positions, and past trade events. They will need to pay a monthly price that you set to have access.
    • Note: You will receive 70% of all revenue from those subscribed to this type of strategy.


6) Click "Create" button.