1) When signed in, navigate to your Portfolio page.


2) Click on the strategy you'd like to create an order for.


3) Scroll down to the Timeline feed and select the "Trade" tab.


4) Search the stock you would like to trade.


5) After typing in your symbol or stock name, click the stock you would like to trade.


6) Select the type of order you would like to make.

Order types:

  • Limit Orders: Choose a price below (buy orders) or above (sell orders) current price to have the order filled at a desired price in the future.

  • Stop Limit Orders: Current price will first have to pass the stop price before converting to a limit order.

  • OCO Orders: Also known as a One-Cancels-Other order, an order will get filled if current price passes the limit price or get converted into a market order if it passes the stop price.

  • Stop Market Orders: When the current price passes the stop price then the order gets converted into a market order.

  • Market Orders: Orders will be filled on the next tick if the market is open.

7) Once an order is placed, it will automatically get added to the open orders list view.

8) Once the order is filled, the trade will show up under the timeline list view.