1) From the strategy page there is a banner that says "AlphaInsider needs your permission to enable push notifications." Click on the "enable push notifications" text. There should be a browser message that prompts for your permission to enable push notifications. Click the "Allow" button.

1.1) Another way to enable push notifications is through the notification settings page. Click the header "Settings" button.

1.2) Click the Notifications side menu.

1.3) Click the "Enable Push Notifications" button. This should show a browser prompt that will ask for permission to send push notificaitons. Click "Allow" button.

2) After enabling push notification on your browser, return to the strategy page and click the "Subscribe" button.

3) Agree to the terms and risk disclaimer pop-up and click the "Subscribe" button.

4) Verify that trade and post notifications are enable by scrolling to the top of the strategy, clicking the bell icon and toggling the "Trades" and "Posts" options.

4.1) Another way to enable trade and post notifications is by going to the Timelines feed and clicking the dropdown carrot and selecting "Enable Trade/Post Notifications".